donkey milk face cream

It is moisturising, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, firming, regenerative, ideal for sensitive (and baby’s) skin. What else do you want to read to understand that Donkey Milk Face Cream has all the benefits you need in order to add it to your daily beauty routine?

Why you have to choose Face Cream with Donkey Milk?

Donkey Milk has been used by humans as a food, medicine and cosmetic for thousands of years. According to scientific studies, the composition of donkey milk is very close to breast milk. It is poor in fat, while it is rich in lactose. It has 60 times the vitamin C of cow’s milk, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E. It is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and iron, making it extremely nutritious for skin care.

Donkey Milk Face Cream has a 50% effect on skin regeneration and rejuvenation, wound healing, hydration from psychogenic dehydration such as psoriasis and eczema, in relation to common creams that result in 10-15%.

The rich composition of milk combined with the high levels of protein phospholipids and ceramides make it excellent for anti-aging, wrinkle treatment and restructuring.

Why donkey milk is so good for the skin?

  • Thanks to lactic acid allows the skin to regenerate quickly.
  • Thanks to the calcium it makes up the top layer of skin. Heals dry skin.
  • Thanks to potassium it hydrates and regenerates the skin cells.
  • Thanks to Vitamin B12 heals rough skin and acne scars.
  • Thanks to protein it repairs tissues and reduces wrinkles.
  • Thanks to Vitamin D stimulates the production of collagen. Slows down fine lines and wrinkles. Minimizes acne. It helps the skin maintain its elasticity and strength.
  • Thanks to Vitamin B6 keeps the skin hydrated and healthy.
  • Thanks to Vitamin A cures itching on the skin.
  • Thanks to magnesium slows down the aging process of the skin.

So if you want your skin to regain its lost elasticity and radiance and restore its natural moisture you should try Donkey Milk Face Cream!

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