Your hand skin is exposed all year long to dirt, sun, cold, cosmetics and detergents daily. We would say that it is from the parts of the body that are most disadvantaged. So, for dry hands what is the solution? Till the end of this article you will be convinced that donkey milk is the solution!

Especially now, during the winter, the skin barrier due to extreme weather conditions is destroyed and the hands become dry and dehydrated. Maintaining the moisture of the skin is achieved by binding water molecules to the lipids of the skin. When this balance is disturbed and the skin barrier is destroyed, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated.

Daily moisturising is mandatory for beautiful and healthy hands skin. Commercially are available a wide variety of creams and can ideally be used after hand washing.

For dry hands donkey milk is the solution!

Is there any better product than donkey milk to hydrate your skin? The answer is no, as the many beneficial properties of donkey milk, which are closest to the breast milk, are well known.

Donkey milk repairs and restores naturally the skin and also moisture the damaged skin. As a result your hands are hydrated and soft. Donkey milk’s rich composition has high levels of protein phospholipids and ceramides which make it ideal for anti-aging, wrinkle treatment and facial restructuring and regeneration with excellent results. Pliny the Elder states that “donkey milk erases wrinkles on the skin, renders the skin thinner and retains white.”

Repair and Intensive Hydration Hand Cream

Thanks to its rich composition of organic donkey milk and Mango butter (which nourishes and lightly heals dry skin which is exposed to hot and cold climates) and Calendula oil (derived from the beautiful wild Calendula flower known from ancient times for its soothing, healing and cosmetic properties) moisturizes even the most disadvantaged hands without leaving residues.

You must add to your daily routine the WHITE DONKEY hand cream. Its hydrating, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties will result in soft and smooth hands.

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