4 + 1 tips to choose a face cream for you
How to choose the skincare cream that suits you best?

Skincare is essential for every skin type. Before investing in your day care products, however, find out the steps you need to take to make the best choice.

Choose the skincare based on your needs!

Many women buy products simply because they have been recommended or read by a friend. But your needs are different from your girlfriend’s, so you must first identify them and then make your choices. Sensitive skin, oily skin, wrinkles, spots or dehydrated skin need different treatment and you will not be satisfied unless you find the product that meets your requirement.

Time to learn from your skin

Its type changes not only with age, but also with changes in the environment where you live or are at all times. For example, when traveling to a place with a different climate or higher altitude, changes in temperature and humidity can change the needs of your face as well as the type of your skin.

Be patience

The value and effectiveness of a cream cannot be judged within 2-3 days, but after at least 2 months. It’s the time your skin needs to process and apply the benefits from the cream composition. According to the doctors, it takes about 3 weeks for all the cells to be saturated with the active ingredients and another 3 for the new ones to rise to the surface of the skin.

Don’t judge by texture

A lightweight composition does not mean that it is less active, nor a rich cream more moisturizing. It all depends on the ingredients of this product.

The weather changed, the cream changed

As we change our wardrobe every season, our skin needs appropriate adjustments. For hot and humid summer conditions, we prefer lighter compositions, while the dryer winter conditions require richer and more nutritious textures.

Still wondering how to choose the skincare for you?

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