body cream from donkey milk
Author: Sophie Lazaraki

A few weeks ago I was reading an article about the properties of body cream from donkey milk and I got triggered to take a challenge and show to you the results!  That’s why I started using body cream from donkey milk and these are the results…

First of all let me make it clear, I started that experiment for just a week and now I can’t stop using that product as I understood that body cream from donkey milk moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin as it is made of donkey milk in combination with herbal extracts has regenerative properties! It is soothing, regenerative & suitable for all skin types.

And also, the properties of body cream from donkey milk are known from antiquity!

According to the ancient philosopher Pliny, donkey milk helps reduce wrinkles & makes the skin thinner, while keeping it white & firm. Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, Pauline, was also a staunch fan of donkey milk for day-to-day skin care.

Some of the most beautiful women in antiquity appreciated the beneficial properties of donkey milk in cosmetology. Both Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, and Emperor Nero, wife of Pompeii (Roppee), bathed in donkey milk to give their skin shine and youthfulness. Closer to our time Empress Sissy and Josepina Bonaparte used it in their daily beauty routine!

So with all this in mind, i started using the white donkey’s body cream. It is worth telling you that from the first moment, i felt my skin have a soft texture. The feeling when applying the cream was rejuvenating, as when applying any moisturizing body cream.

Tip! You can use this cream after a laser session. You will immediately feel the difference while your skin will be irritated. At that moment you are going to feel the soothing and regenerative action of this cream. Shortly afterwards you will notice that your skin will not be red at all, irritated, while the texture will be silky.

A week later I noticed that my skin was quite hydrated. So, since you’ve asked me several times I have to tell you that it’s worth trying this body cream from donkey’s milk and sharing your experience with me.