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08 May 2022

The summer is due in no time!

The summer is due in no time! Enjoy the White donkey special offers and look fantastic using our specific proposals Complete Care Buy 2 Face creams & get 1 Eye cream for free! Brightness Buy 1 Eye cream & get 1 Orange soap for free! Anticellulite Buy 3 Seaweed soaps & get 1 Body cream […]


27 October 2021

Stretch Marks: How to get rid of skin irritation

Stretch marks are skin’s way of reminding us that we’re not exactly perfect. The skin becomes thinner, which makes it more susceptible to tearing and stretching.


19 October 2021

Acne scars: 4-step skin care routine to get clear skin

Acne scars are a common acne side effect that can be distressing for many acne sufferers.


01 October 2021

Maskne: How to whip off that annoying skin condition!

Maskne is a type of acne that appears on the surface of your skin.


06 September 2021

Skin fasting: The best way to get clear skin!

If you want a healthy, and a clear skin then skin fasting might be for you. Skin fasting is a skincare regimen that focuses on skin cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishment.


31 August 2021

How to prepare your face before make up for a flawless look!

It’s time to prepare your face before make up! Ready, set, go! There’s no time to put on makeup in the morning. No time to fix your skincare routine before applying makeup. What can you do?


16 August 2021

Skincare: Timing Matters! How Long Should You Wait Between Skin-Care Products?

Many people believe that skincare is just a luxury, an unnecessary expense. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Skincare products are designed to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful for years to come.


02 August 2021

Face cream : The multitasker for glowing skin!

How do I choose a face cream/ moisturiser? Choosing the ideal moisturizer is a little bit confusing, but if you decide following specific guidelines!  The first rule? Don’t spend too much money!


26 July 2021

Acne: It is time to take some steps towards solving this problem!

It’s very difficult to wake up in the morning with a pimple on your face. It may sound dramatic, but acne is one of the biggest struggles of a woman’s life.


18 April 2021

5+1 tips to reduce wrinkles

Effective from the very first use, our products will tone and firm the skin with results beyond expectation.


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