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Face Cream

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Our unique and powerful WHITE DONKEY face cream formula is blended with Aloe Vera which contains vitamins A, C, E.Vitamin A (retinol) is well known for its cell restoring properties and used widely in cosmetology as a potent anti-wrinkle compound.Vitamin C is an antioxidant which strengthens the immune system while helping to restore the formation of collagen for the maintenance of healthy skin.Vitamin E is as an antioxidant which heals and protects the skin while preventing the damage of cell membranes. Aloe Vera is an exceptionally rich source of mineral enzymes which heals damaged skin and aids tissue development.

Coenzyme Q10
A natural antioxidant which is effective against the decay of skin cells brought on by free radicals (e.g. signs of aging, it fights to drastically reduce deep wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones). Tones the healthy production of collagen and reduces damage caused by sun exposure and UV rays. Increases the protection of cells and gives vigor to the formation of new and healthy skin cells.

Donkey Milk
The rich synthesis of mineral salts present in donkey milk aids in removing dead cells and remedies damaged ones.The concentrated levels of phospholipids, proteins and ceramides make it ideal for-the relief of dark circles-reversing the effects of aging-drastically reducing wrinkles-effectively repairing and restoring healthy skin

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