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The website does not save and does not deal directly or indirectly with one’s banking information.The financial dealings are created and completed using the protection software of each customer’s bank.

All electronic payments made using a card are processed through Alpha Bank’s Alpha e-Commerce payment platform and use TLS 1.2 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. Encryption is a way to encode the information until it reaches its intended recipient, which will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

What data we store
Registration form: First name, last name, email, phone, fax, title, address, city, postal code, country, region, city, password.

When you place your order we store your IP address for making sure the payment comes from a real person.

How we use your data
The registration form is used for creating a customer’s account during purchasing an item in order for the customer to have a history of his orders and also for us to have a tracking record for your orders for security reasons & best customer service.

Access to your data by 3rd party
Your data entered do not get transfered or read by any 3rd party.

Life time & Deletion of your data
Your data remain in our database unless you request a deletion.

Your data rights
The ownership of the data belongs to you and you can request their deletion anytime.

This website uses cookies that store the following information:

  • Browser
  • Screen resolution
  • Operating system
  • Current or default (by the system) language
  • Current or default (by the system) currency

That data are store in your browser and you can delete them whenever you want by following the guide regarding “Cookies deletion” at the help page of your browser.

Company information
White Donkey
Vouliagmenis Avenue 72 N.Kosmos Greece 117 43
+30 2109013778

Data security person
Periklis Valostergiou
+30 2109013778

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