Your skin is damaged or dehydrated? Maybe you don’t follow a proper beauty routine! Your skin needs a proper beauty routine, so follow carefully the 4+1 tips for your face care routine.

Whatever products you choose to use, remember this: Your skin faces many challenges every day, so don’t overdo it with irritating and toxic chemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, but always choose lightweight skin-friendly products with natural ingredients.

Of course, nutrition plays a huge role in the health of your skin, so remember that many dairy products, processed foods and too much sugar can damage your skin. On the contrary, vegetables, fruits and nuts help to achieve a smooth and soft skin.

4+1 tips for your face care routine

Face cream

Whatever skin type you have, you need to make sure it is hydrated! If you have oily skin you will obviously choose another cream from a woman with dry skin, but hydration is essential in any case. Face creams can help balance the skin.

Our unique and powerful White Donkey face cream formula is blended with Aloe Vera which contains vitamins A, C, E.Vitamin A (retinol) is well known for its cell restoring properties and used widely in cosmetology as a potent anti-wrinkle compound.

Face Cream

Moisturizing toner

If you want your face to shine, then hydration is important. Especially during pregnancy, the skin loses moisture more easily and absorbs the products more easily, as the hormone progesterone dilates blood vessels, increasing sensitivity. Enhance the hydration of your skin with a toner and avoid anything that irritates it.


It is important to exfoliate twice a week. Exfoliation will cleanse your skin thoroughly and you can use it to prevent acne. At the same time, it boosts cellular circulation and you really need to exfoliate twice a week if you want a radiant skin. Find the product that suits your skin type and consult your dermatologist.

Vitamin C

If you ask a dermatologist what is the most common problem women over 30 report for their face … “coloring” is the answer will give you. Whether it is signs of the sun, whether due to hormones or during pregnancy, it is an issue that is of concern to many women. For some women, this means that they should abandon certain products they love and choose other herbs, such as arbutine, quicic acid, vitamin C, licorice, soy and linoleic acid. These ingredients are needed by your skin.

Soap Orange

Eye cream

Eye cream is a must as the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and this is what many times “witnesses” your age. Dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and scars can be made less visible with the right eye cream.

Eye Cream

Extra tips for your beauty routine:

This is the proper beauty routine