The term «» refers to the owner of the web space, that is Valostergiou Periklis (father’s name Constantine), that is based in Neos Kosmos Attica Vouliagmenis Avenue, No. 72, VAT 030959871 ΙΖ’ Athens Tax Office, και which will henceforth be called «Seller».

The use of the website is restricted by the following rules :

The content, format and layout of the website exists to provide information for its users, yet it can be altered without prior notification. and any third party cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information provided. This information may include inaccuracies or errors for which bears no responsibility. bears no responsibility for the direct or indirect, positive or negative damage, that may occur from insufficient knowledge when using the website, as well as possible errors, hindrances, faults and delays in the website’s functions or its information delivery. bears no responsibility for possible grammatical or typographical errors to the product prices or descriptions.

In case of a product that appears to have an exceptionally low price, the user is obligated to contact the Seller before placing an order, to confirm the price.

The placing of an order does not automatically mean booking of the inventory. In cases of low inventory, maintains the right not to see through an order or part of it, provided the availability in relation to the demand in inadequate. In this case, the final confirmation of the order is executed when the order is processed and the products are sorted.

The responsibility for the use of information provided in this website, as well as the responsibility for choosing a product or a service, available in this website, that caters to one’s needs, belongs to the user alone. has no responsibility whatsoever as far as the use assessment of this information are concerned.

The material provided in this website, belongs to the Seller «Periklis Valostergiou». This material includes the design, order, appearance, graphics and texts of the webpages. The reproduction in any way, of the aforementioned material for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

This website includes external links to other websites. These links are provided for the customers’ ease of use and as further information.

It is forbidden to create links to the website without the Seller’s prior approval.

The products will be sent to the registered address of the buyer through postal services. The cost of delivery will burden the buyer. The costs of delivery can all be found on the ELTA website, where the customer can be informed for the cost of delivery at the time of the order’s placing.

The time between placing an order and receiving a product is 3-5 working days for deliveries within Greece, 5-10 working days for deliveries within Europe and 10-15 working days for the rest of the world. In case a product is not readily available, the customer will be informed and the delivery time will change accordingly. The Seller has the right to alter delivery times and there are no restrictions. The Seller has no responsibility over delays, that are caused due to the ELTA service. The monitoring of the order can be done by the customer, from ours or the ELTA website, with a voucher number.

Due to the nature of the products and the personal use they entail, there is no possibility of returning a product, for health reasons.

The following ways of payment are acceptable:

  • Through PayPal,
  • Credit or Prepaid cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express),
  • Cash on Delivery when the product is received (only within Greece).

For every purchase, there will be an official document (receipt or invoice), that the Seller will provide the customer.

The website does not save and does not deal directly or indirectly with one’s banking information.
The financial dealings are created and completed using the protection software of each customer’s bank.

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