hair donkey milk soap

If you thought that the donkey milk soap bar is only for your body skin you are deeply mistaken. The milk contained in donkey milk soap is also fantastic for hair because it is rich in vitamins and minerals that are vital to the health of your hair.

Our hair is made out of proteins necessary for the growth and regeneration of hair tissue. There are two types of protein in the milk contained in these soaps. Casein and whey. Both of these proteins offer many benefits to your hair. Such as preventing hair fall, strengthening it and growing it faster.

Find out 4 reasons to start using donkey milk soap in your hair?

  1. Helps the development of hair.

    Casein, as a protein contained in milk from Donkey Hair Milk Soap, contains a large amount of glutamine amino acids (it is 20% glutamine), one of the 22 different amino acids that make up the protein. Glutamine helps the hair growth cycle, according to research by the dermatological institute.

  2. Helps the treatment of dry hair.

  3. Is a natural conditioner.

    It is well known that milk contained in milk from donkey milk soap is a fantastic emollient. Why not hair. What you need to do is wash your hair with this kind of soap. Soak your hair for about ten minutes and rinse with water. So simple! You will not need an extra hair conditioner.

  4. Prevents hair loss.

    Normally you can lose up to one hundred hairs a day. If we reduce the amount of carbohydrate, which is the case with diet, then our body converts fat into fatty acids and ketones to produce energy. Factors very bad for our body that they poison. As a result, our hair slows down, falls, and does not grow. The milk contains all the vitamins that you need in order to prevent the hair loss.