No matter how tired your skin is, if you follow a proper beauty routine and give yourself some time, you will see your skin improve. Consistency in this proper beauty routine will, however, make the difference, so follow every step you will read below!

Your skin faces many challenges every day. So it would be good to have products with irritants and toxins, chemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. The right choice is always light, skin-friendly products with natural ingredients. Such as donkey milk products.

The 5 steps for a proper beauty routine


Regular cleansing of the face helps to remove dirt and unnecessary oil on the skin. If you have easily irritated skin or multiple scars, the ingredient to look for in your cleanser is phytohormones which actively nourish cells and stimulate cell formation.

Try our Soap Seaweed which deeply moisturizes and firms the skin to become smooth and supple. Protects against free radicals which damages skin tissue. Cleanses the skin and balances oiliness.

Soap Seaweed

Cleanse your face every morning and night before falling asleep!


Exfoliation on your face removes dead cells, along with dirt, makeup residues and anything else that can clog your pores, which is why it’s so critical to your face care. The frequency of exfoliation depends on your skin type, but in any case you do not need to exaggerate, nor do you forget and exfoliate once a month!

Face mask

Detoxifying, soft face masks contribute to the health of your skin!
So make sure you apply the mask at least 1-2 times a week.

Skin hydration

You need to make sure that your face skin is hydrated all the type!  If you have oily skin you will obviously choose another cream from a woman with dry skin, but hydration is essential in any case.

Try our WHITE DONKEY face cream, which is blended with Aloe Vera which contains vitamins A, C, E.Vitamin A (retinol) is well known for its cell restoring properties and used widely in cosmetology as a potent anti-wrinkle compound. Tones the healthy production of collagen and reduces damage caused by sun exposure and UV rays. Increases the protection of cells and gives vigor to the formation of new and healthy skin cells.

Face Cream


Whatever you do, don’t forget that water is your biggest ally for healthy and glowing skin. Water is essential for the hydration of your skin, and we mean not only drinking it, but also applying it to your face! Without water, your skin will look hazy and wrinkled, while drinking plenty of water every day will help your skin look radiant and healthy!